WeCombi 350 - F

3 STATION COMBINATION MACHINE - 6 CHUCKS Flanging - Beading - Seaming

Designed with the highest quality modern standards, it combines Flanging, Beading and Seaming in a single high-speed carousel machine.
Long-standing experience in each machine component and related materials sourcing have allowed to build a rock-solid Machine able to deal with the most challenging Can-Making dimensions and materials.
The machine is suited for the food industry customers, ensuring the highest level of quality/strength to handle large cans and at the same time having the need to count on a reliable machine with exceptional levels of productivity with a user-friendly HMI.

WeCombi 350-F: A Solid Production Partner

WeCombi 350 - F | Technical data


Design Approch

Our Design Approach is focused on clients’ needs, always directed towards the problem resolutions thanks to the deep Team knowledge of the metal packaging industry.

Process Description | WeCombi 350 - F

 Double cam spin roller flangingSTEP 1
 Beading roller chucks with beading railSTEP 2
 Seaming via roller/ chuck systemSTEP 3

The new family of combination machines WeCombi has been designed to meet the needs of three-piece can manufacturers

Each WeCan range machine matches specific producer requirements across different industries, but shares common key features.

In the design phase WeCan technicians have given strong relevance to energy consumption, targeting the highest possible energy savings enabling significant running cost savings for our Can-Maker customers.

The consolidated industry field experience of the team has pushed designers to think about different layout configurations of each machine component in respect to current stadards, in order to facilitate maintenance activities and reduce timing involved.

Moreover, WeCan team capability allows to customize WeCombi machines to deal with specific metal packaging producer needs in order to create on-demand solutions.

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