The evolution in metal packaging 

Solutions to meet every requirement

Our consultancy: fundamental

Our knowledge is our added value: we have unique and highly specific expertise which allows us to provide the highest quality consultancy and support.
We supply technical, mechanical and technological solutions to design and create production lines for three-piece metal cans.
We support customers with malfunctions on existing lines in restoring their operation.
We are also able to assess the potential to improve production performance, to design custom solutions and implement them until the required results are achieved.

Una consulenza completa, capace di fare la differenza, e irrinunciabile una volta provata.

Multi-disciplinary expertise

We boast a technology team with extensive experience in the sector and in-depth knowledge of processes and machinery, with numerous machines designed and countless hours of support provided over the years.

Problem solving

Thanks to our staff’s extensive experience and unique level of expertise, we are able to solve any problem linked to the production of three-piece cans.

Innovation and simplicity

We bring innovation to the world of metal packaging, in order to offer manufacturers greater efficiency, quality and simplicity in the use of their machines.

Expertise to support your previously installed lines

Technical and technological innovations in recent years have provided consistent improvements in the performance of metal packaging production lines.
We analyze your line and specify the operations required to provide a technological
overhaul which will improve its performance in both quantitative and qualitative terms.


Our team's expertise allows us to work on all types of systems for the production of metal cans and lids for a huge range of products, thus guaranteeing business continuity.

Spare Parts

Extensive experience in the sector, combined with a sophisticated design optimization and reverse engineering management system, allows us to supply all spare parts and equipment required for production machinery for three-piece metal cans from any brand.


We breathe new life into metal packaging production lines by incorporating new components and technologies able not only to restore the machinery's initial production performance, but also to optimize the processes.

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